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Mission 6 Consulting, LLC is an educational consulting company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. We provide professional consultation in school improvement, family engagement, and the development of educational programs and curricula. Our unique, evidence-based approach has resulted in long-term brand loyalty and a growing portfolio of successful partnerships with schools and districts. Our experienced consultants have expertise in learning theory, family engagement, school improvement, literacy, STEM, assessment, curriculum, instruction, and professional development.

We create moments of learning that change lives, helping students achieve their full potential. At Mission 6 Consulting, we believe that every learner deserves a high-quality education and we’re dedicated to partnering with educators, administrators, and families to make it a reality. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your home-based learning, school, or district!


What you will gain from working with us:

Improved Performance: We help you enhance their academic performance by developing and aligning their curriculum with the latest educational standards and best practices. This includes creating tailored educational programming and providing professional development opportunities for teachers.  

Enhanced Family Engagement: We  can help you cultivate better relationships with parents and guardians to create seamless partnerships for improved academic outcomes.

Educational Equity: We can help you create culturally responsive learning environments, and providing support to students from diverse backgrounds.

Customized Educational Programming: We can help you design customized educational programs aligned to better student engagement, motivation, and academic outcomes.

About the company

Meet MiMi

Our CEO and Founder, Chiquita Hughes, is a results-oriented educational consultant with over 24 years of K-12 experience at school, district, and state levels and a proven track record of effectively utilizing data-informed decisions, instructional focus, and evidence-based strategies to improve teaching and learning.   

Michelle Hughes - Founder / CEO

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