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My Little Brother Elisha

Pum has a little brother, Elisha, who likes to follow him around the house. Sometimes, Pum likes it. Sometimes, he doesn’t like it. When Pum learns why Elisha follows him, he begins to think differently about his role as big brother. This book is written to celebrate childhood moments of growing and learning. This story is for all the big brothers and big sisters who learned to appreciate the little siblings who followed them around. Just like Pum and his little brother, we all learn from others. My Little Brother, Elisha  is aligned to Early Learning & Development Standards and the Five Social Emotional Learning Competencies: Self- Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making.  Recommended Ages: 3-8 (PreK-3rd grades)

My Little Brother, Elisha: As told by Pum

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One White Sun

One White Sun explores the beauty of nature and begins with the sun– the source of life, warmth, and energy to Earth. This book is a counting poem and nature walk for children of all ages. Honeybees on plants of rosemary and olive-green turtles headed to sea are among the other wonders to see. Enjoy the moments of living and non-living things through beautifully detailed illustrations. Be inspired to take a second look at nature and be in awe. This book is a great supplementary resource for teaching science in early childhood and primary settings. Recommended ages: 3-8 (Grades PreK-3rd grades)

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One White Sun Curriculum Guides

The One White Sun Curriculum Guide provides STEM lessons aligned to CCSS and Ohio Learning Standards for ELA , Early Learning Standards, NGSS, and Ohio’s Learning Standards for Science (OLSS),  with connections for technology, engineering, and mathematics. PreK-3rd grades are currently available. Supplemental guides for grades 4-6 are coming soon.  Available for purchase through Mission 6 Consulting, LLC.

One White Sun Curriculum guides are available from Mission 6 Consulting, LLC.

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Our Voices and Imaginations in Ink

“Our best storytellers are children whose imaginations draw us back into the times of our youth when we dreamed of whom we wished to be. This collection of stories represents the voices and imaginations of students from 3rd & 4th grades at John P Parker School in Cincinnati Public Schools, Cincinnati, OH ”  Author/Editor, Chiquita M Hughes

“As you enjoy this book, know that all children deserve to be inspired, creative, and imaginative while learning in our schools.  Thanks, Ms. Hughes, for giving our children the opportunity to explore their voice through storytelling.”  Dr. Kimberly Mack, Principal of John P Parker School, Cincinnati Public Schools 

“It was like easy and I was happy at the same time for telling my story to somebody. I like everything about the project”  Justin, 4th Grade

“I feel good about this class because this is my first time writing a book, and I told my mom about it yesterday when I got out of school and she wants to read it when it’s finished and I say okay”  Skylar, 4th Grade

“ I got to write stories and see an illustrator at work. I didn’t like that it had to end”  Abigail, 4th Grade

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